Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic of a website through search engines.It also uses the terms “site optimization” and “SEO optimization” and the more a site is placed in the search engine result pages, the more visitors it will have.

Optimizing a website involves primarily editing the content and source code of the pages to increase their relevance by obtaining a certain density of keywords and eliminating elements that prevent good indexing of web pages in search engines (SEO on-page / SEO on-site).

Because SEO techniques often involve changing the source code of the site, they can be combined with web development and web design services (menus, content management systems, payment systems …).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Adwords / Pay Per Click (PPC) are two of the best techniques for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but most SEM specialists who offer the two services consider the SEO technique to increase ROI to PPC. Search engines offer the largest space for organic search, which means that the visibility of a site depends mainly on SEO and not on Adwords.

Each SEO optimization campaign is unique and tailored to each web page

1. Analyzing and compiling a SEO strategy:

At this stage, UppGoo specialists conduct the research needed to develop your SEO strategy by using specific tools to search for and identify the most representative keywords for your company, and conduct a market study on their competition and strategy.

2. Professional Site Review:

The site will be reviewed for structure and content review through various specialized tools that can identify different errors or problems both in programming and site structure; the next step is to solve these problems by the team of specialists. As for the examination of the content, it is followed: the accuracy, the originality, the utility, the structure in the pages, factors that can favorably / unfavorably influence the SEO optimization process.

The UppGoo team also provides support for understanding how content is to be created for later to be a strong point.


  1. The proper implementation of the SEO strategy:

At the core of a successful SEO strategy is the correct realization of the Link Building campaign, which consists in directing as many links to your site, bringing a number of benefits to it. For the correct, natural and legal Link Building, practical ideas and strategies for promoting the site are required.

The quality of the content in your site, especially the usefulness of the content, will have a direct impact on the visitors, from this point you will form a pyramid, the top of which will be your company, then visitors satisfied with the resources provided by your site. will turn into satisfied customers, which in turn will bring new customers, thus contributing through recommendations to promote your business.